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MoD NoC Procedure / Airport NoC Procedure 

Ministry of Defence no objection certificate is required for construction of any new construction in the demarked zones by Goverment of India which are in close proximity to any Defence Establishments or Defence Airports.

The process is to be accomplished with complete accuracy with no errors while submission in order to obtain MoD NoC for construction.

At Smart Infra Consultants our team of Experts guide you in obtaining your NoC with utmost care with Technical Expertise and least efforts. 

To know more about process of obtaining MoD NoC for construction contact us now...

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To get to know more about NOC follow the link below:

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Basic Documents Required of NOC 

1) Elevation Certificate


2) F-Certificate

3) Surveying Agency (e.g. Monarch Certificate for Pune Region)

If you have query for any of the above process please feel to contact us directly we would be happy to assist you.

Kindly share exact google location via Whatsapp or email of your plot to get exact details from Smart Infra Consultants with no charges for checking. (Free Verification)

Please Read All Terms and Conditions prior commencement 

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