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Airport NoC Services and Assistance (No Objection Letter) 
MOD NoC Assistance Services for Construction

To know and Understand the Applicability about MoD NoC  you can just WhatsApp your location details and our team will get back to you shortly.



MOD has revised its applicability guidelines for issuance of NoC for Construction.

And has also revised the CCZM (Colour Coded Zone Map) for issuance of NoC for Construction in Pune and PCMC region.

The new CCZM map for PMC and PCMC as per MOD (IAF) is as per IAF guidelines :

For any Confusions regarding the new guidelines feel free to connect with us, we would be happy to help you...

NOCAS is an online application system for height clearance of buildings & structures in-and-around airports by Airports Authority of India.

Smart Infra Consultants  serve as an Airport NOCAS Consultants for AAI NOC, height clearance for structures such as Buildings, Masts, Chimney and Transmission Lines etc.

Assistance for No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Airports Authority of India (AAI) and Indian Air Force (IAF) MOD NOC for Height Clearance of various structures, Ground Levels from Survey of India and all required NoC from Government of India

For getting your NoC with least efforts feel free to call us now...

  1. What is MoD NoC | What is Airforce NoC | What is Aviation NoC | What is Ministry of Defence NoC  required for construction near Indian Airforce Stations and Airport Authority of India (AAI) Airports.​

  • MOD NoC / Defence NoC / Airforce NoC/ Aviation NoC is being used interchangeably in onsite Construction Practitioners.

  • The NoC a particular Construction requires completely depends upon its geographic location i.e. The proximity and the distance from the airport. For example Pune has a airport that is under Ministry of Defence (Pune is defence airport) and airports such as Surat are under AAI.

  • Which simply mean that all areas in vicinity to the Airport under defence require MOD NOC and all the areas in vicinity to the AAI Airports require AAI NOC for Construction.

  2. What is the Time Frame for issuance of  Airport / MoD / AAI NOC for Construction.

  • An Airport / MOD/ AAI  NOC from the respective authority is generally granted within a time span of 60 days to 90 days which is from the date of submission to the Authority.

  • The Preliminary documentation might be completed within 15 days to 30 days which include Certification from Authorised Agency for your Land Surveying and the Local Authority Certification.

  3. Validity of NOC issued for Construction 
  • Generally the validity of the NOC issued from respective department is 5 Years from the date of issuing the NOC.

   4. Steps for Processing with for NOC
  • Appointment of an Architect (Smart Infra Consultants Shall be assisting you as we have our team of Architects) 

  • Planning for the desired Structure

  • Getting Survey of India or any other Authorised Surveying Agency certificate stating Latitude & Longitude details with AMSL etc.

  • Getting Elevation Certificate with required Appendix 

  • Submission to Authority ( Smart Infra Consultants Shall Assist you in the entire process of Submission) 

    * Note- There are no goverment fees for the Process of NOC.

    For anything more related to Issuance of Airport / MOD NoC feel free to contact us Directly.

   5. Objections Remarks from Authority / AAI / MOD

  • On submission of the File to the respective authority there may at times be some remarks on non-compliance data  deficiency. On submission of the required data within a time frame the further process of issuance of NOC can be streamlined.

  • For any quires related to remarks from any Authority Feel Free to Contact us to Get the Technical Solution for the underlining issues.

  6. What is CCZM Map for MOD NOC.

  • CCZM (Colour Coded Zone Map) which primarily depicts the Zones that have been made for classification of a particular geographic location based on its proximity to the defence airport.

  • It has it Latitude and Longitude extends defined into it with AMSL demarcation of the particular Airport

       For getting your NoC with least efforts feel free to call us now. 


Please Read All Terms and Conditions prior commencement 

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