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Drone Survey and Mapping 

Drone Mapping and Aerial Survey services for your Project Site, Irrigation Project , Land Parcel, Road Survey, Security Purposes, finding faults over unreachable areas.




Agricultural Land Surveys using Drone Surveying 

  1. Aerial Survey 

  2. Drone 3D Mapping 

  3. GIS and GPS Tools

  4. Aerial Mapping 

UAV Drone Survey India - UAV Aerial Photography - Mapping - Videography - Solar Panel & Turbine Inspection are often mistreated to generate 3D models. Among the services we provide are creating 3D models for power stations, open pit mines, and concrete planning.

GIS professionals have enormous potential when using drones for surveying. It is now possible to carry out topographic surveys using drones that are as accurate as those collected by traditional methods, but in a fraction of the time. In turn, this reduces the cost of a site survey and the workload of specialists.​

  • We provide fast and accurate aerial mapping services like Drone Topographical Surveillance and Drone Land Surveying in Pune India with outputs having absolute accuracy of up to 5 centimeters and and generated maps with a scale of 1:500. Drone photogrammetry services are used for topography survey, land surveying, land measurement, land mapping, land title surveys, contour surveys, and corridor surveys, among others. GIS and CAD software are compatible with the output of drone surveys. Google Earth geo-references the created drone maps and aerial images with satellite images using the KML and SHP file formats. Measurement can be done in Google Earth with a created map, the area can be measured and saved and shared online.

  • We provide aerial photogrammetry / drone data processing in Pune by using high-end professional photogrammetry software with reports and outputs compatible with cad and GIS software. Photogrammetry software produced 2-D orthomosaics, Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Digital Surface Models (DSM), digital elevation models, high resolution contours with overlay on the orthomosaic, and 3-D reconstructions of the site. Further, GIS Photogrammetry outputs are visualized in Auto Cad and digitization, feature marking, boundary drawing, and contouring of the created map are carried out with 5 cm absolute accuracy, according to the requirements. Drone maps can also be printed.

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