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Pre-Engineered Building Design.

Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB) are the buildings which are engineered at a factory at some other location and assembled at site where the building is to be erected. Usually PEBs are steel structures that are extensively engineered with specific design criteria. Built-up sections are fabricated at the factory to exact size, transported to site and assembled at site with bolted connections. This type of Structural Concept is generally used to build Industrial Buildings Metro Stations, Warehouses etc.

       At Smart Infra Consultants we assure to design your industrial park / industrial sheds in most efficient way that not only result in Cost Savings but also in a strong and reliable Infrastructure.

            The adaptability of PEB in the place of Conventional Steel Building design concept results in many advantages, including economy & easier fabrication.


These type of building structure can be finished internally to serve any functions that can actually help in low rise building design.


Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB) are warehouses, Canopies, Factories, Bridges, etc.

At Smart Infra Consultants we would be delighted to help you in Design of your PEB Industrial Shed 

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