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Industrial Foundation and Machine Foundation Design

At Smart Infra Consultants we take the privileged for designing your foundations for heavy machinery with various ladings and vibration factors.

Machine foundations require a special consideration as they transmit dynamic loads to soil in addition to static loads due to weight of foundation, machine and accessories.


The dynamic load due to operation of the machine is generally small compared to the static weight of machine and the supporting foundation.

    In a machine foundation the dynamic load is applied repetitively over a very long period of time but its magnitude is small and therefore the soil behaviour is essentially elastic, or else deformation will increase with each cycle of loading and may become unacceptable.

   The amplitude of vibration of a machine at its operating frequency is the most important parameter to be determined in designing a machine foundation, in addition to the natural frequency of a machine foundation soil system.

So if this are your expected conditions feel free to get connected to us now....

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